Shōtōkan Karate Loverval

Name:Shōtōkan Karate Loverval
Address :Rue Duval 29
Postal Code:B-6200
Province :Hainaut
Country :Belgium
Phone:0032 496 38 03 20
0032 478 94 93 73
Karate style:Shōtōkan SKIF
Federation:SKIF Belgium
Exists since:1980
Secretary:Fabian Lefèvre
Chief-Instructor :David Laplune 3rd Dan
Assistant-Instructor:Audrey Boelen 4th Dan
Fabian Lefèvre 3rd Dan
Address dōjō:Dōjō on Sunday (!)
Nature Fit
Rue de Marchienne 182, 6534 Thuin (Gozée)
Dōjō on Wednesday (!)
Rue de la Seuwe 2, 6061 Charleroi (Montignies sur Sambre)
Attention: The dōjō locations are temporary and we should be back in Loverval by the end of this year (!)
Training Hours:
Wednesday:19:00 to 20:30 Children & Adults
Sunday:10:00 to 12:00 Children & Adults