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SKIF Belgium

Our karate federation is the result of almost 40 years of dedication to the practice of traditional karate, in close collaboration with the SKIF Federation of Japan, founded by the late Soke Kanazawa (10th Dan). This long history guarantees continuity in exchanges and technical development, while preserving the original spirit of the founders.

Our federation currently has 33 dojos, bringing together more than 1,900 passionate members. Our national team is made up of around 50 top-level competitors, accompanied by 35 qualified referees, enabling us to take an active part in all the national, European and world championships organised by the Federation.

We invite you to explore this site, which is packed with information about our Federation. You'll find details of our courses, the addresses of our dojos, our activities and our competitions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

We're here to allow you to discover and experience our passion of karate !


Stephane Castrique skifb skif belgium karaté belgique cours de karaté

Stephane Castrique

Chef instructeur SKIF Belgium

Stephane Castrique skifb skif belgium karaté belgique cours de karaté
Stephane Castrique skifb skif belgium karaté belgique cours de karaté

Passion for Karate

I started karate in 1980 at the age of 10. I was certainly not a natural talent and the start was rather difficult.

Nevertheless, I felt karate was for me. At the age of 16 (1986), I obtained the black belt 1st dan.

The dojo where I started practised the Shotokan style and one of my teachers (Willy Detobel sensei) was already working with Kanazawa Hirokazu sensei's technical books. Through this route, I came into contact with the SKIF federation in Belgium which was then still in its infancy. In 1991 when I was already 2nd dan of the Belgian Karate Association I decided to retake my dan degrees and successfully passed the exam for 1st dan SKIF with Kanazawa Hirokazu sensei. (Founder of Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation).

After that, I never looked back. Meanwhile, I am 6th dan.


Although competition is not an obligation to become a good karateka it can be a huge

engine of motivation to train more and harder. This was also the case with me.

From the age of 13 to 34, I was an active athlete in both kata (form) and kumite (combat) disciplines.

I was part of the national team and had several successes both at national and international level.

Engagement in karate

I currently run my own dojo in Mortsel (Antwerp), the Honbu Dojo.

But I also hold the position of chief-instructor for SKIF Belgium. This means that I mainly concentrate on the following activities :

- Raising and supporting the karate level within SKIF Belgium according to the technical regulations of SKIF Japan.

- Taking degrees recognised by SKIF Japan, through examinations.

- Forming instructors in Belgium through instructor trainings and internships.

- Giving trainings in the various dojos of SKIF Belgium.

- Organising trainings with experts coming from Japan.

- Promoting and growing SKIF Belgium.

I also serve on the board of SKIF Europe and am a member of the European referees' committee.

Professional and social commitments

Although karate is an almost full-time occupation for me, I am not a professional. Money does not drive my passion for karate.

I provide my family with all necessary needs through my profession. I am a professional firefighter/ambulance driver in the Brussels Capital Region. A tough but also very beautiful job that I am very proud of. As a firefighter, I can often make a difference for people.


Karate is an integral part of who I am. Karate has given me self-confidence above all, but also so much more.

Many strong friendships and a large social network, not only in Belgium but all over the world.

Passion for Karate

Since my first steps in karate in 1988, my passion for karate has remained intact! I started at SKIF-B, founded by Sensei Haynes (8th dan), in the dojo of Daniel Kina and obtained my 1st dan in 1993, awarded by Soke Kanazawa.


I regularly participated in competitions between 1990 and 1995, consistently ranking in the top 3 in kata and Kumite at the Belgian championships. This period was also marked by the WSKF World Championships in Stralsund in 2002 and in Japan in 2009, formative experiences that profoundly influenced my vision of karate.

Engagement in karate

As the head of Dojo TSK Eghezée since 2011, I have continued to develop karate and received the 5th dan grade from Kancho Kanazawa in 2018. As an international referee and, since 2022, president of the federation, I strive to develop the values of discipline and respect dear to our art.

Professional and social commitments

Alongside karate, I am the Financial, IT, and Legal Director at Crédal. My commitment to society is expressed through my active role as a volunteer rescuer at the Red Cross, administrator of a non-profit organization dedicated to people with disabilities, a manager of an animal shelter, and a free student in philosophy and religion at ULB.


My journey in karate reflects not only my undying passion but also my commitment to the principles that Soke Kanazawa always advocated through SKIF, where the 'F' symbolizes family and friendship.

skifb skif belgium karaté belgique cours de karaté

Stephan Van Lerberghe

President SKIF Belgium

skifb skif belgium karaté belgique cours de karaté
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