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Within our Federation, referee training plays an important role in our development. This is not only an opportunity for technical improvement, but also a means of contributing to the excellence of our sport. We regularly organise training courses at both national and international level, giving our referees the opportunity to constantly improve their skills.

Our referees play a crucial role in the development of our competitors. They take an active part in national team training, reinforcing their refereeing skills while raising the level of our athletes.

It is important to stress that our referees are highly qualified, holding national and/or international diplomas, which entitle them to officiate at European and world championships, guaranteeing competitions of the highest quality.

Sensei Achour Bakkioui, 7th dan, is responsible for French-speaking refereeing.

Sensei Stefan De Puysseleir, 5th dan, is responsible for Dutch-speaking refereeing.

Our chief instructor, Stephane Castrique (6th dan), holds a prominent position on the European Technical Commission, where he actively contributes to the training of international referees.

Our chief referees

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