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General terms and conditions
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The "Shotokan Karate International Belgium" is a non-profit organization with the aim of practicing Shotokan karate according to the traditional guidelines of the masters of the international federation: Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation (S.K.I.F) VAT


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Dojo (Club) membership

A dojo (club) is an autonomous, local sports association, whose objective is to organize karate activities and promote karate sport. SKIFB groups karatekas in Belgium. The individual karatekas must group together in a dojo (club). All normal relations between SKIFB and the individual karatekas it unites takes place through the dojo’s (clubs).

A dojo (club) wishing to join SKIF-B as a member must follow the procedure described in the House Rules, which can be found on SKIF-B’s website.

Individual membership

Every karateka must possess a regulatory SKIF-B license. This means that the karateka must be affiliated with a dojo (club) recognized by SKIF-B.

A karateka is only a member of the dojo (club) that is mentioned on the license.

An individual membership without a dojo (club) is not possible.

The license allows the karateka to participate in the activities organized by SKIFB or its members.

Any SKIFB director or their representative can request the presentation of a license.

Karatekas whose license is not valid will be refused from participation in activities of the federation.

Karatekas, who pay and/or renew their license, cannot reclaim the amount paid for whatever reason.

Ending membership

When a member wishes to terminate his/her SKIF-B membership, he/she must stop paying the membership fee upon receipt of the renewal fee e-mail. Non-payment of the membership fee automatically puts the member on non-active status in the membership database. After a period of five years as a non-active member, all data of the member will automatically be removed from the SKIF-B member database (see also the Privacy Policy).

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