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* In SKIF-B we teach traditional Shōtōkan Karate Dō as taught at the SKIF Honbu Dōjō in Tōkyō - Japan.
Instruction is based on a comprehensive syllabus allowing everyone, regardless of sex, age and ability to make progress in Shōtōkan Karate-Dō.

* Strong ties with Japan Headquarters provide the opportunity for our members to regulary receive highclass instruction directly from 

Japan's top experts. All our dangrades are registered in Japan.

* As SKIF member you are part of a global "Karate Family of SKIF Karateka". Hence the "F" in "SKIF" which not only means "Federation" but also "Friend" or "Family".

* We offer the possibility to young karateka to compete in a safe and respectful environment in Belgium and also abroad. We encourage you to explore this site to know more about us and SKIF.

Stephane Castrique 6th Dan Renshi
Chief instructor SKIF-B
Oss !!

國 際 松 濤 館 空 手 道 ベ ル ギ ー 連 盟